4 Ways To Make income using Traffic To Your Website


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If you want to make money from your website then it's essential that you get a good amount of traffic. But getting individuals to your website isn't enough - you then need to get them to spend their funds! So it's important to understand both the methods of getting traffic and the way to generate a profit.

How to make m oney with traffic monsoon

The reality is that there are many ways of generating traffic and it can be confusing to those new to online business. Briefly, there are two main types - paid and free. It's possible to get lots of free individuals to your site by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) on your site. Basically SEO is about getting your website ranked in a good position when someone searches for information associated with your site. You will then have more clicks and more visitors. You can also get visitors by paying for services like Adwords. If you adopt this strategy you need to generate more revenue to pay for the advertising costs.

So, let's assume that you are getting visitors to your internet site. How do you make money from them? Here are a few ways that you can use.

1. Sell your personal products. These can be physical items that are shipped to the customer or cameras or scanners, e.g. e-books or MP3s which might be downloaded from the internet. If you use this model you might be responsible for all components of the sales process however you retain all of the profits once you cover your costs. There are several service providers, e.g. ClickbBank and 1ShoppingCart which make the process of selling online basic as a merchant.

2. Internet affiliate marketing. Many people start their web business journey using this route. It is not necessary your own product - you only recommend other peoples' products. So in effect you're the 'middle' person and you're not responsible for delivering products, customer care etc. As an affiliate you're given a tracking link that you just use to direct individuals to the seller's website and you receive a commission for almost any sales that you make. There's a huge choice of products which you can promote and a lot affiliate programmes can join. If you plan being an affiliate my advice would be to choose a topic you're interested in and then make a website with lots of helpful content. You will then attract visitors that are interested in the topic to your site and you can recommend relevant products to them.

3. Advertising. If your website is established and you are getting lots of visitors then you could make money from advertisements. There are many ways of doing this only one of the most popular is the pay per click model Google AdSense. Google places relevant ads in your website and you then earn money from each click on the ad. The quantity will depend on how much the ad is costing the advertiser. You'll be able to maximise your AdSense revenue by permitting more traffic, ensuring a good match between your visitors' interests along with the ad and its placement on your own pages.

4. Sell an email finder service. You can offer all sorts of services online e.g. consultancy, web design, writing - their list is endless. If you have enough targeted visitors you can do this directly by your own website or you could link to a service like or You may then bid for various projects and they'll facilitate everything in connection with the project for you. It's rather a great way of finding and building relationships with clients.

So consider which of these methods suits you best after which take action to start making money from traffic.